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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dr. Syllablender: Originally Posted 23.7.12

Wherever there is a makeover, there is a mirror–or a looking glass–and quite possibly a film crew.
There are presently twelve TV shows focusing on makeovers. The subjects are women, men, cars, or homes.
But in the lexicographic Wonderland, words can also undergo makeovers.

Once upon a time, it was insulting to be called TRANSPARENT.
It meant you could be seen through as if you lacked dimension; as if you had no heart and no soul. Transparency used to mean something akin to superficial.

Once upon a time, patients revealed to psychiatrists about how shameful some of their personal behavior was. The patient was being self-conscious about behavior thingies.
Along came Dr. Syllablender and when he was informed of self-conscious behavior, he said STOP!
It is not necessary for you to be self-conscious.
What you have is SELF-AWARENESS.

In Syllablender's office, not only was a word being given a makeover, a whole new industry was born!

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