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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

By Request From Caryl Hobbes

Mr. Hobbes, the Chancellor of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic, has two cats. Their names are Euclid and Pythagoras.
He asked me to "give a page to Laura Nyro's Cat Song."

This one's for you, Caryl.

And for you, Euclid

And for you, Pythagoras.

The Cat Song

I want to dedicate the stream of tears oozing from my eyes to Mr. Hobbes because Laura Nyro was the favorite singer of my sister, Linda Oliverio.

Linda used to put her brother to sleep by reciting the times table. If this chunky little girl is ten years old, then the year is 1954. I believe the pair of women on beach chairs includes my mother (on the right). It was a private beach and still is. It was a privileged existence and still is--for Linda and her mother's surviving brother.
God Bless The Child

I know that Laura Nyro recorded it but it hasn't been youTubed. So the link will get you the composer who goes by the name of Billie Holiday.
I was trolling for Laura but could only find Billie.
That is like looking for silver but having to settle for gold.
It is, indeed, a privileged existence.

This is like looking for air and having to settle for The Wind
Which is, indeed, a Laura Nyro song.

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