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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Somebody's Piano

The soprano's piano
Was made of coat Hangers
That's why they kept Cuttin
Every last button
Off her recital gowns

She'd spit out her gum
And happily hum
While coating
With rounds

-Caryl Hobbes

The piano is a sculpture by Augusto Esquivel
Mr. Hobbes has referred to the The Soprano's Pianos as the worst poem ever
If you agree or disagree with him, please comment accordingly...


Skip Schneidly said...

Mr. Hobbes
This is a marvelous poem.
Especially the lines: She spit out her gum
And happily hum

They remind me of an old Betty Davis movie.
I just wish she could make a "new Betty Davis movie."
So it goes

Mr. Hobbes said...

Praise is appreciated, Mr. Schneidly, but the editor has changed the line to
She'd spit out her gum
And happily hum

Thus it be.