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Thursday, March 28, 2013

February, 1964 (JP 1000 #2)

Did he or didn't he was the question, partially.

Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone or didn't he?

We were told that he was the "lone gunman"
responsible for the death of President Kennedy.

We were told that Jack Ruby killed the assassin
on national television
because Jack did not want Jackie Kennedy
to have to testify in court.

We were told many things regarding
the death of a president on November 22, 1963.

But some of us had an IQ higher
than freezing temperature
(And thus begat The Sixties)

That winter, in the Untied United States,
the national consciousness was in deep freeze

Until we heard four voices sing She Loves You

But they were an ocean way from us
in the Mother Country:

Then they set foot on American soil
in February 1964
and the quality of life
in America greatly improved
Yeah Yeah Yeah

Four boys from Liverpool performed live
on the Ed Sullivan Show.
The date was February 9, 1964

Everybody was talking about them.
Even some of our parents.

Naturally, there were cover stories about the BEATLES
and stories about the musical quartet continue to this day.

Cover stories in all the national magazines

Four musicians from Liverpool
with four thousand more to come.

TIME magazine had a cover story about music in February, 1964
and I re-read the whole damn thing in 2003
at the Burbank Central Library.

It was in a bound volume with 20,030 pages.

Six library workers carried it to the table where I sat.

I read it on a Saturday and enjoyed the article immensely
despite it having absolutely nothing to do with the Beatles.

It was all about Thelonius Monk
and, in jig saw puzzle form,
this is what it looked like
(from the cover, that is).


Pardon my tipo typo

But sometimes you just have to

Crepuscle with Nellie

And other times you just

Trinkle Tinkle

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