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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Poem From 1915

One thing that's yours, my little child
Your poor old dad is simply wild
To own. It's not a book or toy;
It's your imagination, boy.
If I possessed it, what a time
I'd have, nor need to spend a dime!

I wish that I could get astride
A broom, and have a horse to ride;
Or climb into the swing, and be
A sailor on the deep blue sea,
Or b'lieve a chair a choo-choo train,
Bound anywhere and back again.

If I could ride as fast and far
On ship or horse, in train or car,
As you, at small expense or none,
If I could have one-half your fun
And do the things that you do, free,
I'd give them back my salary.

Ring Lardner with (L. to R.) Ring Jr., John, and James.

Ring Lardner wrote HIS IMAGINATION for his first-born son, John.
For Ring Jr., this pre-posted poem was a hand-me down

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