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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Ubiquitous Mr. Hobbes

In 1977...
the Beatles reunited to record an album of tribute songs
to their favorite food: crab-stuffed flounder. The album is
currently out-of-print and very desirable among record
collectors as well as fans of crab-stuffed flounder.

"Bon appetit, Paulie," said the ubiquitous Caryl Hobbes.
"The same to you, sir."
"Mi Boba, I am speaking figuratively: about the bloggable Beatles' photograph."
"Got it. But what are we doing about the text?"
"Need I remind you that today–Friday–is March 1st.
Two weeks hence, it will be Friday the 13th plus two"

Translation: Two weeks hence will be Friday the 15th of March but 15 = 13 + 2
This silly math joke was typical of freshmen students at the Lewis Carroll School.
The Chancellorship of that campus is presently the office of Mr. Hobbes.

"Exactly one month from today, March 1, commences the month notorious for gags."
"Caryl, are you referring to April Fool's Day?" I asked.
"Not me so much as what you just hyperlinked above."
"Got it. Considered it posted."

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