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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bathtub Beatitudes & Attitudes

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote Porcelain and Pink, a play in one-act, before he was twenty-four years old. It is about two strikingly attractive sisters and a bathtub.
"Mistaken identity is the old, rusty pivot upon which the plot turns."

JULIE: I’m happy as a garbage-man’s dog and I’m giving a little concert.

LOIS: (Severely) Grow up!

JULIE: (Waving a pink arm around the room) The walls reflect the sound, you see. That’s why there’s something very beautiful about singing in a bathtub. It gives an effect of surpassing loveliness. Can I render you a selection?

LOIS: I wish you’d hurry out of the tub.

JULIE: (Shaking her head thoughtfully) Can’t be hurried. This is my kingdom at present, Godliness.

LOIS: Why the mellow name?

JULIE: Because you’re next to Cleanliness. Don’t throw anything please!

Blogger's Note
Scott Fitzgerald was born in 1896. When Porcelain and Pink was published in The Smart Set, the Roaring Twenties was almost zero years old, if not younger. This Triangle Club photo, taken before Scott met Zelda, may have been the inspiration for Julie and/or Lois.

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