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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yer Lonesome Blues

"Lord, please have mercy" said our good friends at PLAN 9 MUSIC concept "and give a listen..."

The lyrics below may not be readable and the singer to the left may not be identifiable.
But if Young Jessie influenced not one, not two, but THREE songs recorded by the Beatles, shouldn't he be better known?

In their infancy, the Beatles recorded two songs by the Coasters: Searchin' and Youngblood. In 1957–on loan to the Coasters–Obediah "Young" Jessie sang baritone on the original recordings.

These are the lyrics for YER BLUES, from the Beatles White Album. John Lennon never sounded more frantic until he met Yoko Ono.
The song would never be mistaken for anything ever recorded by the Coasters but Young Jessie–who attended Jefferson High School–also had a career as a soloist. Somewhat similar to Little Richard though not quite as loud and a lot more blues-y sounding.

All things come from somewhere and if you want to hear what song crept into John Lennon's blood when he wrote Yer Blues, Lord, please have mercy and listen to Young Jessie's LONESOME DESERT.

Blogger's Note
The closing lyrics to LONESOME DESERT are...Lord, please have mercy.

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