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Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Is Not...

...here to single out a recent post. It is here to direct you to a recent gadget.
It is here to direct you South of the border 'twixt Verbiage and Vision.

Fresh off the cyber-spacian press, three jpegs can now see the light of your eyes.

The good news is that I removed an ominous title from a long-term resident of my home page and gave it a "favorite" makeover. This photograph came all the way down from Eugene, Oregon.

The better news involves a much-overlooked jetty-adjacent pic. My personal coach is responsible for the streamlined title inspired by a chair.

But the best news is so good I even shared it with all my friends in Poland. In English, of course, but three of the five "words" in the title are universal symbols.

The subject of that photograph is also on exhibit twice within six inches of my desk–and thrice within four feet. It is neither Carol nor Alice. It is my sister!

Meanwhile, Little Alice–with or without approval from LCSoL headquarters–is permanently ensconced atop the Oxford English Dictionary.

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