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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Myld Curiosity

Alternative title:
Myld & Blogular Curiosity

Regarding the previous post: I am mildly curious to know if any visitors to these pages have ever read a longer sentence than the one alongside the PLAN 9 MUSIC concept icon.
Responses to this curiosity might be rewarded with a free membership to the Godfather of Math blogsite.
Presently, it has non-memberable access but that is subject to change.
If, per chance, you experience difficulties commenting on any of these pages, my eddress is available on youTube. Simply, enter "Paul Oliverio" in their search engine and expand the Presidential Pythagorean Theorem information column.

Blogger's Notes
To paraphrase DDM2–better known as Daniel DiMaria Jr–I wish everyone a Happy T-Day.
For reasons beyond the scope of this post, however, I am dedicating this Thanksgiving to the original Etta Seamster.
"Myld Curiosity" is the copyrighted property of the Lewis Carroll School of Logic.

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