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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Honoring JP Deuce (FoFF)

ROME.- A giant bronze sculpture portraying Pope John Paul II is displayed outside Romes Termini train Station on November 19, 2012. The city of Rome has inaugurated the revamped version of the statue after the first one, unveiled in May 2011 was widely criticized.

The text is from Art Dali.org
The red pun and the title are from Paul Slangiverio. His acronym–FoFF–stands for Friend of Father Frank.

The eldest son, my father, is standing behind his parents. My godmother is standing to his right. The small boy in the center is my namesake. This blogger's jpeg archives entitled the photograph Ten Oliverios but only nine are visible.
My grandmother was soon to give birth to the future Monsignor Oliverio, better known to me as FATHER FRANK.
When I re-photographed this family heirloom at his house, my Uncle said
When this picture was taken, I was minus four months old.
On the eve of Thanksgiving, I am grateful to my grandparents for having existed. They gave birth to both Slang-iverio and Math-iverio.

Blogger's Note
I am also grateful for the good people at artdaily.org. They provided the perfect springboard for Godfather of Math blogpost #500

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